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The life we all want is now made possible with Proton Plus. The SmartWay idea at the best price underpins everything we do at our core. Whether it’s our flagship all-in-one range of Smart  devices, or our unique voice assistant- Aisha, each Proton Plus product represents a shift in lifestyle technology which brings you closer to experiencing the best kind of life—the #SmartWay.

True value comes from understanding a customer's needs. At Proton, we understand your requirements and build our products around them which is what makes them the perfect choice for any consumer. 

Live life the new way with PROTON PLUS!

Meet the team

Kousthubha Das

co-Founder, CTO

Naidhruva Kalvakolanu

FoundeR, CEO

Vasishtha Khandavalli

Head, technology

Lokeshwar Reddy

Head, Technology

digital marketing

Srinivas Chakrapani

HEAD, strategy

Anurag Thangella

About Us

Founded in 2018, Proton Plus is an Indian design-first smart home, building automation company delivering powerful and focused solutions for residential and commercial markets. In 2018, we launched our first basic product range for  residential segment. With a strong dedicated team, and string of R&D resources, we plan to diversify our various products ranging from inbuilt voice – recognition systems, Intelligent gesture controls and much more. 

In Proton Plus, we combine cutting-edge, trending technology and design- thinking to offer homeowners, retailers and professional integrator a range of products that are innovative, intuitive and stylish. Proton Plus offerings are designed as plug-and-play solutions that provide user-friendly control and can be customized to fit the needs of your home, office or hotel like a glove.




About Us

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