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This is our story; a pursuit for creating true value through home automation. Proton Plus was created with a vision to penetrate the Indian market with a quality product. Our market research left us very unhappy with the existing automation product ranges. The current pricing, features and technological background left a sense of incompleteness. We at Proton Plus wanted to bridge these technological and fiscal gaps. Thus began our journey to innovate, re-innovate and emerge with great ideas!

What do we do differently?

Hundreds of automation companies have surfaced out in the past decade. But what differentiates us from the rest is our core values. We believe in a new future; a future where your ideas, products and services matter. We built our range of products with this underlying fundamental value. When you aim to deliver the best, only then can you actually bring about a change. And we are crazy enough to believe that Proton Plus would revolutionize automation.

We came up with the idea of live state reflections rather than the conventional mode of state reflections. While a conventional state reflection shows whether a device is on or off only when operated though the app, live state reflections precisely conveys the device state whether operated from the switch board of through the app.

Now that I mentioned about operating your devices through traditional switchboard, let me also point out that existing automation products render your switchboards useless. i.e., they must either be switched on all along for their apps to work, or present problems while operating simultaneously. However, Proton Plus gives you the ability to use both switchboards and smartphones simultaneously! We understand your needs and build products tailored to those needs!

What's more? We also promise you a hassle-free life. Be it installation or post installation, Proton Plus is always a call away. Just to make your life easier, we present you with AISHA! Aisha handles all your automation needs like a charm. It not only gives you the ability to control, monitor your devices easily, but also to communicate with our technical support team through the easiest possible way - a 24 x 7 chat. Furthermore, we believe in healthy customer relationships so much that we maintain a base of trained technical support team who cater to your problems in just a day's time from request.

With an extremely passionate R&D team dedicated solely to explore and innovate, and strong core values, we firmly believe that the future is exciting!






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